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EPIK, Ltd.

What We Do

EPIK is a an applied technology engineering company specializing in business automation through mechatronics (click to define).

We develop growth sustaining, modular application solutions that focus on all seven aspects of the business process to help our customers generate the most return on investment (ROI).

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Our solutions are built up to quality and not down to price. Rather than developing a one-size-fits-all option or sourcing our components to the cheapest supplier to increase our bottom line, EPIK is dedicated to developing long-lasting quality solutions that will increase the ROI potential of our customers. We take pride in our work and desire to build our business relationship on your return business from business growth than from the need  system failure.  

EPIK is proudly owned and supported in these United States of America and attempts to purchase American made and/or supported products when possible. We believe in patriotic responsibility and that American craftsmanship and innovation are second to none.


Our Commitment to Quality

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Who We Serve

EPIK’s exclusive solutions are designed to be beneficial for commercial and industrial enterprises; government agencies; and academic programs.

Whether you are an entrepreneurial craftsman looking to profit from your craft or an established enterprise looking to enhance your current methods, EPIK can develop solutions specific to your business with extreme ROI potential.

 How We Do It

By partnering with industry leading OEMs and developing our own custom systems when a viable solution does not exist, EPIK offers our customers extreme ROI solutions by incorporating all aspects of mechatronic technology into a simple, easily integrated solution.

Exclusive programs and systems to EPIK include: CNCimplfied; DIY-4-ROI; and RaptorCNC. Click each item  to learn more about each.