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EPIK began in 2007 with the desire to help businesses benefit from new business automation technologies without sacrificing the timeless principles associated with doing business the “old-fashioned way”. It has been our goal since day one to make technologies viewed as complicated, hard, and out of reach become realistic, simple, and profitable.  

If you are a person who doesn’t like the “new-norm”, thinks that your relationship with a company should be deeper than a tracking cookie and a shopping cart, then odds are you will like the way we view each solution as the answer to a customers custom needs.

It is our goal to be a business that says what they will do and does what they say will.

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About EPIK

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EPIK, Ltd.

EPIK works with a number of industries beyond manufacturing and production including academia, government agencies, general businesses, and agriculture based businesses to develop out of the box solutions.

Production industries supported are endless with custom machine and automated system development and include:

- Machining - Fabrication - Composites - Plastics - Wood - Stone - Ceramics  - Food - and More!

 Industries Supported

RaptorCNC is EPIK’s brand of standardized, versatile CNC solutions.

Designed using advanced components, the RaptorCNC Versa Series system is easy to use, easy to own, and capable of performing a wide variety of cutting processes including rotary, plasma, waterjet, oxy-fuel, and laser cutting; adhesive and sealant application; 3D printing; vision; and custom Cartesian robotic applications limited only to your imagination.

A byproduct of the RaptorCNC Versa Series machine is a standardized CNC control retrofit that can also be used on virtually any CNC machine regardless of process and can be adapted to control entire automation processes from an easily customizable control.


CNCimplified is EPIK’s exclusive CNC operation and ownership process.

By first breaking the CNC objective into operation and ownership needs; then further breaking the process into simple to learn stages, our customers are able to reach success with minimal effort on their part.

The trick to CNC success is to recognize that the process never changes; only the parameters of the specific part being made change. By developing a template custom to your needs, the CNC operator and/or owner has the confidence and tools to succeed.


Our return on investment (ROI) based solutions are built with foresight in all aspects of an enterprise: administration; concept research and development; market determination & development; prototyping; sales material creation; prototyping; production; and technical sales and materials.

In order for a technology to achieve its full ROI potential, aspects of the solution that can benefit other operations must be recognized. A perfect example of how EPIK does this is with SpaceClaim CAD software. This software not only can be used to determine the feasibility of the concept, including testing, but the renderings can be used to market and sell the product, train employees, determine production challenges, develop the model needed to program the part in production, set the baseline needed for automated measuring, and used to develop advanced documentation for the technical service and support of the product.

“7” Main Business Aspects


Manufacturing and business is more than brick and mortar. It is a compilation of machines, community, and individuals.

As such, EPIK works with businesses to work with enterprises, schools, community leaders, and government agencies to develop programs that help individuals excel in related and outside fields; develops a deep and talented workforce; and leads to the overall financial and personal prosperity for all within the community.

Importance of Community

DIY-4-ROI is another EPIK exclusive.

DIY-4-ROI came to be as a recognition that no-one has the budget or time to be broken down. DIY-4-ROI came to be as a scripted process that allows customers to do simple, common tasks themselves rather than pay EPIK for travel and labor. We supply the parts and instructions, you perform the service.  It’s as simple as that.  

An example of how this could be applied would be the necessary waterpan purchase for a waterjet system for a fabrication shop. It would simply not make sense for a well equipped welding and fabrication facility to pay EPIK to construct a module that does not require precision integration with the machine.  Beyond this, the shipping savings and size potential can further grow.  

Mechatronics is a holistic discipline that covers mechanics, electronics, software, and the integration of all three into a system.

CNC and automation technology are a pinnacle of mechatronics, relying on each aspect to work in perfect unison for a successful result. As an oversimplified example, a CNC machine relies on an electronic drive to power its electronic motor, the motor’s rotational movement is turned into linear movement by the mechanical linear guideway which is driven by the rotation of the mechanical ballscrew. The signals going to the drive are determined by mathematical calculations by the the software which are processed by the electronic processor of the computer.  Simultaneously, the software is looking at the screw mapping records to adjust its signals to account for mechanical imperfections in the ballscrew resulting in movements to an exact distance.   

Now that you can see the process, it should be easy to see why a solution provider with mechatronic knowledge is an important resource. Many companies focus on one aspect of the chain; EPIK focuses on each, funnels the specialized knowledge our supplied component provides, and applies it to our customers in an easy to understand and implement system solution.  

Beyond mechatronics, EPIK believes that an ROI based solution should also take into account the complete production process, the product’s design/development, and the technical training and support necessary to implement the solution.  All of which is incorporated into the design of our mechatronic solutions and system support.  

What Is Mechatronics?