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One of the fundamental parts of a mechatronic solution, software is the interface between the programmer and system. Whether your system is a machine, or your business itself, when properly executed, software is often key to releasing the full potential of your ROI solution.

Listed below are a select assortment of EPIK’s software partners and solutions. Other software choices may be presented depending on your particular needs from a large selection of OEM software developers EPIK works with. Software should be viewed as a toolbox containing a diverse assortment of tools. Depending on your needs, you may select the rolling chest, the intermediary box, or the top chest; it just depends on what you are looking for. Once in the chest, a large number of tools exist. Depending on your application, you will need to select the proper tool.

Because EPIK develops the entire solution, software needs can be kept minimal based on needs so you only are paying for what you need and a path for advancement is left.

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CAD/CAM/CAE software is the foundation of any successful enterprise that produces from concept to finished product.From CAD solutions that allow you to model your concept, to CAM software to machine/manufacture that concept, to the CAE software needed to simulate and test engineer your concept, EPIK has you covered.

While EPIK works with a large number of CAD/CAM/CAE providers, select companies include:

SpaceClaim 3D Modeling/2D CAD, and Analysis - ArtCAM Artisan CAD/CAM - MecSoft CAM



ERP systems allow manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses to take control of internal business processes and allows for increased communication and foresight between various departments. ForeMost, EPIK’s select ERP provider for custom solutions, offers an advanced, customizable ERP setup with unparalleled speed and performance; a must in production.

To Learn More About ForeMost:

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From CamSoft’s iCNC program, which allows you to remotely monitor your CNC machine tool from your laptop, tablet, smart phone, or even smart watch to advanced solutions from industry leading software vendors, EPIK has the tools you need to achieve complete shop floor control.

Speak with your EPIK technical sales and support representative to learn more about these powerful tools to help determine the proper one for your enterprise’s unique needs.  

 Shop Floor Control


As a service, EPIK works with businesses to help organize and prepare common accounting software for the enterprise advancements made in their ROI solution. This service is also extended to general businesses looking to maximize their business efficacy.

 Accounting Software


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CamSoft's PC-Based CNC Machine Tool Controller for Windows is a software and/or hardware toolkit that allows you to create and customize your own controller for any 2 to 8 axis CNC machine tool using a standard personal computer interface. Whether it is a retrofit or brand new machine tool, CamSoft has the answer for you.

The open architecture and flexibility of the software make CNC Professional perhaps the most advanced CNC controller on the market today at any price. We only use off-the-shelf, low-cost PC hardware components so that spare parts are easy to find in the future.

 CNC & Automation Control by CamSoft