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At the heart of every applied technology solution are versatile products that fit your needs. To offer our customers a complete, truly turn-key solution, EPIK has teamed up with a number of OEMs and built our very own RaptorCNC product line to meet nearly any business automation need.

Products are grouped by category. Click on the corresponding picture for more information on key solution products.  

A complete line up of CNC, manual, power tool, and custom automation machinery for:  

Metalworking - Fabrication - Composites - Plastics - Woodworking - Adhesives/Sealants- & More.

*EPIK can also develop custom production machinery for non-manufacturing industries.



In a mechatronic solution software is one of three integral components. Due to its importance, software is a salient focus of EPIK. Various software is required to perform a variety of functions.

CAD/CAM/CAE software is used for design, engineering, machining, automation, simulation, the development of advanced renderings, and the creation of informative technical manuals. Software is also used for business administration and electronic record processing while exclusive CNC and shop floor control software expands production control even further.



Machinery can only function as well as its tooling will permit. To ensure your production machinery is up to the challenge, EPIK has teamed up with leaders in tooling to provide:

- Advanced Rotary Carbide Tools and Saw Blades for Wood, Metal, and Exotic Materials

- CNC Tool Holders

- Indexable Tooling & Inserts

- Advanced Composite Tooling

- Grinding/Polishing/Cutting Accessories for Power Tools



A solution’s success can often be determined by the supplies needed beyond the machine system. EPIK classifies these items as:

- Dust and Mist Collectors

- Maintenance Kits

- Industrial Power Tools

- Building Enhancements

- Safety Gear



EPIK offers a wide variety of new, used, and refurbished components for business automation.

These products include:

- Mechanical Devices

- Electronic Components



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