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Technical services are an integral part of a turn-key solution.

As such, EPIK offers a complete line up of services that extend from product research and development through the technical service, support, and training necessary to keep your solution running for years to come.

If you have a GREAT idea to either get your business off the ground or take your existing business to a new level, it can often be daunting to determine what step to take next.

EPIK’s confidential services will help you transform your idea into reality through our manufacturing experience and the use of CAD software specifically designed to get your idea to market faster.

Tip: Products designed for manufacture eliminate countless problems down the road!


 Product Research & Development

Utilize EPIK’s ability to foresee the challenges of the next step and use our administrative support to help you maximize your business’s efforts.

Solutions include:

- Bookkeeping software setup assistance

- ERP & CRM Software for monitoring your business

- Shopfloor and machine monitoring software


Plunging into a business isn’t a guaranteed success.

Sometimes the ability to build up your market before you run the first piece is essential and sometimes you will find that a market doesn’t exist. Either way, it is wise to test your market before presenting to it.

Utilize CAD to preview product capabilities to customers and/or team up with EPIK’s marketing services to discover the potential of your upcoming product and estimate your ROI.  

 Market Determination & Development

Now that you know you have market potential, the time to create a physical prototype is now.

Choose from purchasing your equipment up front, or request that EPIK prototype your first piece in house or through our partners. By using these services in tandem, your turn key solution is planned and proofed prior to your order. If modifications are needed to speed up the process or meet budget confinements, the tangible data from process analysis and/or prototyping is invaluable for entrepreneurs.  


Utilize EPIK’s simple to use website and print/digital solutions to create sales materials.

Beyond this, customers can utilize 3D renderings and advanced publishing software services from EPIK to create sales materials that will help drive your customers to close; even before production has been set to begin.  

 Sales Material Creation

The production process is one that should be under perpetual improvement. Use EPIK’s process analysis and development services to maximize the effectiveness of your current or upcoming production process. From machine, tooling, and fixture selection to the CAD/CAM programming of your part, through the training of your employee EPIK can provide a complete process.

With a diverse choice of applied technologies and out of the box mantra, EPIK is often able to improve upon existing processes and maximize the performance of upcoming processes by developing or modifying a solution using mechatronic principles.   

 Production Process Analysis & Development

Have EPIK turn your 3D renderings into advanced technical service and support manuals using publishing software.

This tool enables your customers to live up to their potential in the same way EPIK presents to our customers.

 Technical Service & Support Material Creation

EPIK offers technical training and support to offer our customers short periods of phone/email support to work through their various problems whether they be electronic, mechanical, or software based.

Extended technical support is not a substitution for repair or training; both of which are available from EPIK in regards to your specific solution.  EPIK’s exclusive DIY-4-ROI allows customers to make their own repairs and do self-paced training for maximum ROI potential.  

 Technical Training & Support

Retrofit options for CNC and automated systems are available direct from EPIK. These retrofits utilize advanced CamSoft software and motion control hardware to bring older machines to life using new control principles.  

Pre-configured devices are available from EPIK’s RaptorCNC line to control most machine types.


It is inevitable that a mechatronic solution will need repairs at some point. EPIK offers in-house and onsite repair options for customers unable to resolve their issues via technical support.  

Repairs are performed in such a way that downtime is kept minimal and repair costs are kept to a minimum. Often single components are to blame. Once technical support has determined what component(s) are at fault, customers can typically choose to install the component themselves or have an EPIK approved representative perform the installation.


Training is a critical part of any mechatronic solution. Proper training ensures that the customer fully understands the machine, its process, and how it is applied to the specific application. Training is available via technical support to cover occasional issues, online during special training events, in-house at our technical lab/showroom, and, preferably, onsite.

While onsite training incurs additional cost, the cost is offset many times over by allowing us to work with your staff in a familiar setting with all the variables associated with your unique environment.


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Utilize EPIK’s diverse products and services and enthusiastic training methods to develop interest in manufacturing in your community and build your workforce talent pool.

EPIK works with government agencies, academic facilities, and employers to ensure that youth and adults are presented with a curriculum that will engage them in technologies needed to fill jobs and build strong communities.  

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