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A quality, long-lasting, machine that gets the job done and done right is invaluable to any production environment. EPIK’s machinery offerings include many different types of machinery that utilize a number of technologies to advance the machine’s capabilities and processes.

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Sharp Industries, Inc., has been supplying high quality machine tools for more than a quarter century now, with more than 150,000 Sharp precision machines worldwide. The name Sharp stands for enduring precision and long machine tool life…a statement that defines not only the machines we sell, but also the very spirit of our company. Over the past 38 years, we’ve grown into a finely tuned machine tool supplier. As our product line has expanded, so has our ability to provide inventory, shipping, and support for all the machines we sell.

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 SHARP CNC: Mills - VMCs - Lathes - Grinders

EPIK’s exclusive waterjet partner is KMT Waterjet.

Known as the founders of today’s modern waterjet system, the KMT waterjet is both versatile and powerful. EPIK works with KMT to develop custom automated cutting solutions including the retrofit of existing CNC machines for cutting virtually any material from metals, plastics, and stone to glass, paper, and food.

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 KMT Waterjet Technology


Complete product line of metal cutting machines: Sharp Precision Machine Tool has a very complete product line of metal cutting machines ranging from vertical and horizontal milling machines (knee and bed type), precision and tool room lathes, surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, radial arm drills and Electric Discharge Machines (EDM). If you are looking for high quality and competitively priced machine tools, look no further!

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 SHARP Manual: V/H Mills - Bedmills - Radial Drills - Lathes - Grinders


Through our partnership with Versatech, EPIK customers have access to the powerful, high-speed laser marking capabilities of RMI Laser.

Using ultra precise galvo motors and advanced in-house software, these machines are capable of marking at extreme speeds on an immensely diversified material list.  

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 RMI Laser Marking Systems


Lasers are one of the most versatile sources for materials processing. Lasers have been well accepted in a wide range of industries from cutting fine intricate cardiovascular stents to drilling of guide vanes in aerospace industry to welding of steel for ship building industry.

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IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Platform / IPG Multi-Axis Laser Work Center

 IPG Fiber Laser Systems


Available as a module for automation systems or as a standalone laser machine tool, the Coherent laser system is a powerful solution for laser cutting, marking, engraving, and etching a wide variety of materials with a large format table area and the option for pallet loading systems for increased throughput.

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 Coherent Laser Cutting & Machining Tools


CS Unitec Industrial Power Tools allow EPIK to develop a truly complete turn-key solution from start to finish. CS Unitec develops ergonomic, safe, powerful hydraulic; pneumatic; and electric power tools that get the job done across a number of industries and applications.

Beyond their use as hand tools, when integrated with FlexArm or customized automation, these tools serve as part of the automated manufacturing process.

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 CS Unitec Industrial Power Tools


Industrial arm systems perform a variety of tasks that require human guidance, but need more strength and control than the human arm can deliver.  FlexArm, an Ohio enterprise, offers:

- Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tappers

- Industrial Tool Systems (Customizable for use with CS Unitec from EPIK)

- Ergonomic Material Handling

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 Industrial Assembly and Power Tool Arms by FlexArm


EPIK offers extreme industrial vacuum systems and combined conveyor systems from GPI to offer our systems the most advanced and most capable vacuum table systems. These systems are customizable in all commercial and industrial applications requiring precision hold down and are commonly used in the following processes and can be integrated into:

Hand Tool Operations / FlexArm Bases / Mills / Routers

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 Vacuum Table Systems/Conveyors


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Laser scanning is a powerful tool used in the design process. This unique and highly technical capability allows the user to verify a machine surface or to put parts directly into a CAD software like SpaceClaim.

EPIK works with a number of laser scanning systems to offer this as a product and/or service for our customers. CamSoft offers an affordable, powerful laser probing system, seen to the left, that can be incorporated into the CamSoft driven CNC or automation system.

 Laser Scanning


RaptorCNC is EPIK’s internal line of standardized CNC Cartesian robotic router systems.

As a CNC machine, these machines are a versatile solution for: router; spindle; plasma; oxyfuel; and waterjet applications. As a robotic solution, they can also be used for vision and the application of adhesives and sealants. Because of its simple, powerful design, the RaptorCNC machine also boasts the ability to do all of these applications on a single platform, at once.

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Custom automation is often necessary when a solution requires a system to complete a process versus a standard machine. Even with the versatility of the RaptorCNC platform, a custom automation system is often the best choice.

By using the graphical interface of CamSoft, EPIK is able to develop simple, easy to use and own custom automated systems that are entirely built on industry standards and have complete customization capabilities.  

 EPIK Custom Automation


Mechatronic laser scanners and tool free comparators and micrometers allow the operator to measure precision parts without the need to use hand tools. From 2D to 3D parts, measuring systems speed up production and eliminate human error making it a useful tool for the most novice of operator to the most advanced tool maker.  

Automated Measuring Systems