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A turn-key solution, like a chain, is as important as its weakest link. Often overlooked, supplies are often necessary to complete a full solution. As such, EPIK has teamed up with leading OEMs to offer building enhancements such as dust and mist collectors and maintenance kits for the lubrication and hand tool needs of your service and repair.  

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An integral accessory to our machinery line from CNC routers to VMCs, Superior Air Products offers a complete line up of advanced dust collection, mist collection, air cleaners, down-draft tables, and odor/vapor scrubbers.

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 Superior Air Products

Ductwork is often viewed as one of those things that keep going until they fail or you need to add an additional line. EPIK has partnered up with the guys at U.S. Duct to offer a complete assortment of easy to integrate duct solutions including “clamp-together” duct.  

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 U.S. Duct


CS Unitec has a lot to offer beyond power tools. To make their power tools perform exceedingly well in virtually any task or environment, CS Unitec has put together a plethora of advanced power tool accessories including the Plantex 100% usage self-trimming flap discs, to complete matte to mirror finish sanding/polishing kits, and diamond wheels with 99% spark reduction.

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 CS Unitec Supplies


Lubrication is a very tricky subject. From over-greasing with too much grease gun PSI to improperly mixing lubrications that appear to be the same, the challenges are virtually endless.

As such, EPIK will put together a lubrication plan for your enterprise that ensures your machines are getting the proper, clean grease needed to extend longevity and ensure proper performance.

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 Lubrication Kits


Not all hand tools are created alike. Precision tolerances and designed capabilities can render a hand tool capable, or useless. Use EPIK to determine which hand tools best fit the bill for your application from general maintenance to CS Unitec’s non-spark tools for explosive and corrosive environments. Many workers are unaware ATEX tools exist and should be used in specific jobs.

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 Hand Tool Kits


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