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Whether it is off-the-shelf or custom, a rotary cutting machine is only as good as the tooling it uses.

The creation of tooling is an advanced skill that brings manufacturing processes, geometry, chemistry, and GD&T together to achieve a solution. Because tooling is such a complex product, it is important to differentiate between high quality, medium quality, and low quality tooling ands reflects upon their price. EPIK excels in, and presents the following tooling which balances all criteria.

Techniks’ indexable tooling makes you ask “Why didn’t they think of this before?!?”.

By teaming precision tools with incredible strength and matching them to exclusive, specially coated inserts, Techniks indeaxable tooling is capable of excelling in many materials rather than being specifically designed for just one. Reducing your enterprise’s costs and frustrations.

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Mill; Turn; Drill; and Insert Solutions


 TECHNIKS Indexable Tooling

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Mastercut Tool Corp. celebrates 30+ years as a world class rotary cutting tool manufacturer. All products are manufactured in Florida, using a state of the art Superior Carbide Blend, in-house excusive coatings, equipment, skilled crafts persons, and exclusive MAP technology.

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Metal Full Catalog / High Performance Routers / Router Bits / Burs

 Mastercut Rotary Carbide Tooling


Expanding upon their complete line CNC machine tool tooling, Techniks, like EPIK, also serves the CNC router market with a complete line of solutions and resources.

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 TECHNIKS CNC Router Tooling


Techniks offers the highest quality and most diverse selection of aggregate heads on the market. Custom aggregate heads for virtually any application are also available.

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 TECHNIKS Aggregate Heads


Controx offers a diverse collection of standardized and custom tool for the machining of composite and lightweight construction materials as well as a wide range of metal slitting saws, side milling cutters and GN-Gratex tools; all of which can be quickly delivered from stock.

From advanced geometries and materials to exclusive coatings, Controx has the solution for your composite and custom needs.

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 CONTROX Composite & Metal Tooling


The Arizona Vortex Cool Tool is a unique tool that defies everything you think you know about air. The Cool Tool takes regular, clean/dry air from your air compressor and uses the pressure to activate a vortex. This process sends cold air out and through the system to chill your tool up to 100 degrees cooler than the incoming air while expelling the warm air out the exhaust.

Use for any application that requires a clean, cool bit, but doesn’t allow for messy liquid coolant!

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 Arizona Vortex Cool Tool Coolant Free Tool Cooling


Techniks’ AirPro dust evacuation nut is one of those devices that are so simple they just make sense. Simply replace the nut of your ER tool holder (most sizes) with the dust evacuation nut and use the rotational power of the tool to remove dust and debris from your cutting area, up, and into your dust hood and collection system!

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 TECHNIKS AirPro Dust Evacuation Nut


Techniks boring systems include all the necessary extensions, reducers, cartridges, and chamfering heads.

-Coupling System for quick tool changes without removing tool from spindle

-AccuSET .0001" graduated dial for fast, easy adjustment

-SpeedSET allows simultaneous adjustment of both inserts

-Lifetime Warranty: Techniks will replace or repair your head if it fails for ANY reason

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 TECHNIKS Modular Boring Tools


Techniks offers a complete line of setup tools to ensure your tooling properly integrated to your machine tool. Tool holders are precision devices, often with more precision than the system itself; as such, any imperfection in setup can negatively impact your entire system.

Spindle Wipers / BT; Router; & Special Order Retention Knobs

Dust Seals (internal) / Dust Covers (external) / Hand Wrenches / Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrench Adapters / Tightening Fixtures / Digital Height Gauge / Analog Axial Gauge

 TECHNIKS Setup Tools


Popular Tool’s high quality saw blades are imported but supported in San Antonio and distributed from warehouses throughout the United States.

With a diverse offering, reasonable cost, and the ability to stock and manufacture both replacements and custom saw blades, they are a great system and machine integration partner.

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 Popular Tool Saw Blades


Built to perfection with the documentation to prove it, Techniks Certified Tooling means the critical features of each holder has been individually lab tested, measured and inspected for quality. Depending on the holder this can include: balance, dimensional accuracy, collet pocket runout (T.I.R.), bore I.D. and taper accuracy. Techniks Certified guarantees your holder will meet or beat our published specifications.

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 TECHNIKS Certified Tool Holding Solutions